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1.How do i apply for a loan?
– Do not worry, we have a simple application online or you may walk in to our office or call us at 6293 3229 for more information.

2.What if i can’t go to your office within operating hours?
Call us now for an appointment, we can arrange a timing at your convenient best.

3. Do i need any guarantor?
– No, You do not need any guarantor to apply any loans with us.

4. Can i Reloan after i payoff my loan?
– Yes, Please call us and we will serve you right away. We will grant you another loan, provided you are eligible at the time of application subject to rule and regulations of moneylender’s act.

5. Do you collect any upfront administration or application fee?
– No, We do not collect any upfront fee.

6. Will Happy Cash grant my loan if i had bad credit ratings?
– Yes, We will customize with a flexible loan scheme that best suit your needs and financial ability.

7. What are the repayment schemes available?
– We have a variety of flexible loan plans such as weekly, bi-weekly and monthly installment plans.

8. Can you courier the loan agreement and let me sign out of your office?
– No. All loan agreement are only allow to be signed in our register office.

9. What is the amount i can loan?
– We will advice accordingly to the loan packages you are interested in, provided you are eligible at the time of application subject to rule and regulations of moneylender’s act.

10. How fast can i get my cash after signing the loan agreement in your office?
– Instant Cash will be given after you signed the loan agreement in our register office.

11. Am i eligible for the loan if i am a discharged bankruptcy?
– Yes, as loan as you had discharged from bankruptcy.

12. Can i still apply if i have existing loans with other licensed moneylender.
Yes. Our experienced loan consultants will take pleasure in providing you with a flexible loan plan based on your financial ability. It is important that you provide an accurate account of your financial status so that we can assist you in the best possible way.

13. How do I know if my moneylender is licensed?
A licensed moneylender must have a registration number given by Insolvency & Public Trustee’s Office (IPTO)

If you do have any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to call our friendly loan advisers at 6293 3229.