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Borrowing Money from Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore

22 June 2015
 June 22, 2015
Borrowing Money from Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore

The the cost of living in Singapore along with other areas has forced people to go for personal loans along with other debt obligations in order to get even. Borrowing money has been a common practice that many folks have resulted to. At times, the urgency and need of funds might not give you lots of time to search for credible lenders. However, it is advisable that prior to deciding to borrow any money, you appraise the credibility and trust in the lender.

Licensed money lenders Singapore are one of the trusted sources from that you can borrow money without threats of repercussions. Their licenses are regulated through the laws governing financial contracts in Singapore. These are several positive aspects available by borrowing out there institutions instead of unlicensed money lenders.

Regulatory Compliance

Licensed money lenders Singapore are regulated through the Registrar of Money lenders. This means that they adhere to all the money lending laws in Singapore. This consists of the legal nature in the contract and loan recovery methods. Unlike their unlicensed counterparts, these institutions have devised possible ways of negotiating along with you in the eventuality of loan defaults.

Moderated Interest Rates

The loan rates as stipulated from the lending contracts of licensed money lenders are guided with the prevailing laws. You’ll find maximum rates how the lenders may charge and the fees being levied. This framework will give you protection against exorbitant rates that another lenders put forward. Within the 2014 budget, the Singaporean government meted tighter controls from the damaging rates to guard the borrowers.

Information Security

Licensed lenders have guidelines that compel the crooks to uphold the greatest standard of information security. They’re going to never make use of your Singpass login details gain access to your individual information unless they are processing a loan. This means that the information that you simply entrust these with is protected instead of availed for any unauthorized vacation.

Trained and Certified Loan advisors

To get a money lender being licensed in Singapore, it ought to be established that such a lender is well allowed to handle all lending processes. This includes the certifications that demonstrate their qualifications. Borrowing from such institutions assures that you high quality services in the advisors and loan officers. They will reveal the easiest way in order to handle your funds and provide some insights into loan instalments. A normal training of such officers also provides you with the peace of mind that you will be getting up-to-date services.

Satisfaction from Unwarranted Telemarketing

Beneath the laws of Singapore, licensed moneylenders are not able to send any short message service (sms) adverts or try to telemarket your finance products. Any attempt to do this might result right into a legal suit. In the case a licensed money lender Singapore provides you with such promotional messages, you can report the crooks to the IPTO being a violation towards the personal NDC Act.

There are lots of more benefits that one could enjoy by sourcing funds from licensed money lenders. The aforementioned discussed however are the principle advantages that set apart these institutions from their unlicensed peers.

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